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So after telling myself I will have absolutely no time to keep yet another blog updated, I’m starting a new blog. This blog is dedicated to sharing the adventure of the poor sim I’ve chosen to tackle the Sims 3 100 baby challenge, and might not get as many updates as my main blog.

I will be playing on epic lifespan, with seasons set to closest mimic a real year rotation.

The leading lady for these adventures or misadventures is Passion Chardonnay.

Her back story will be in the prologue. She herself is available on the exchange. http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=7550416

Her current home in Sunset Valley is an EA home from the bin, with a small color adjustment on a few walls. Eventually she will move on to other towns as well.

Happy simming ūüėÄ

~ Mama Dragon {aka Mmdrgntobldrgn}

Almost forgot, I might not hold back on these ones so reader be warned some posts may get very mature very fast.


Prologue \\ A new home & a new look \\ {M} – Jack \\ {MA} – Decidedly Not a good girl \\¬†Everything has consequences \\ Jack has a say \\¬†Avoiding Jack \\ Andy \\¬†{MA} – The dangers of alcohol \\¬†Now What \\¬†Chloe and Farah \\ What else are friends for \\¬†Passion has a say \\ Surprises and Birthdays \\ Fall and Winter \\¬†{M} ‚Äď Winters are¬†Cold \\¬†{MA} – Reality can be Harsh \\ {MA} – Dragon Valley \\¬†Happily Ever After? (Part 1) \\¬†Happily Ever After? (Part 2) \\¬†Not Happily Ever After \\¬†Nightmare \\ Freedom \\ A New Home & A Surprise \\ Men and Frogs¬† \\¬† \\¬†Wrapping Up \\


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